In Anticipation: 2016

2016 is still in the future. It is a prospect. A dream. One of many possibilities. I like the optimism and hope that holds hands with new things – it is untarnished, it hasn’t yet learned how to be jaded or world-weary. This is where I’m supposed to make resolutions and such, but I don’t […]

Continuing to catch up.

So, life has been busy with Thanksgiving almost upon us. Shopping, unnatural amounts of carting the kids around, work, work, work, snow, winterizing the car, winterizing the house, snow, and so on. Add on the fact that everyone in the house has been taking turns being ill, and it’s been a long month. That said, […]

Whales and Lungs

I’ve been sick this week. In the middle of summer, somehow, pneumonia wormed its way into my lungs and has spread through my household. Of course, this has meant a good amount of sleep, not so much work, and waking hours spent binge-watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix. Fairy tales are the source of […]

I’m sorry I neglected you.

So, I wrote a blog post. I wrote two reviews. I kept my “Works” page updated. I got busy. And I forgot to write anything other than reports and stories and poems. A little more clearheaded, I’m asking: Can we start over? Yes? Great. Writing has occupied my nights, and I have some wonderful recent […]