Continuing to catch up.

So, life has been busy with Thanksgiving almost upon us. Shopping, unnatural amounts of carting the kids around, work, work, work, snow, winterizing the car, winterizing the house, snow, and so on. Add on the fact that everyone in the house has been taking turns being ill, and it’s been a long month. That said, I’m staying productive.

I’ve got a piece called “Ways of Vanishing” that should be out from Psychopomp come January – it’s an oddity or magic and dragons and glaciers and so much more. Also, the lovely editors at Synaesthesia have agreed to published two new poems of mine, entitled “cannon” and “surf”. I am particularly proud of all three of these pieces and am happy they found homes with publications I really enjoy reading.

Poetry lives with me anymore – new poems involving math, childhoods that aren’t really childhoods, and more Moby Dick findings are in the works.

Somewhere, in what free time I find in the middle of the night, I’ve managed to write 4500 words (and counting) on my magic cyborg story (which is about much more than magic and cyborgs) which I am now tentatively titled “So Long As I Have Blood”. It’s rough, and this draft is probably about half-finished, to be honest, but these longer stories of mine (none of which have managed to find homes, yet) are all extremely important to me.

That said, I have 28 active submissions at the moment, mostly poetry, but some shorter pieces that I’ve simply neglected for too long. Some are long shots, but that’s part of this process. In 2014 I managed to get five pieces published between four zines. In 2015 I have added 30 credits to that, and the year isn’t over. This year I have also seen my first paying sales, my first professional sale, and had a number of print acceptances in addition to web publications. The excitement continues to grow. I’m very grateful for the support of my wife and the support from my circle of new friends within the writing community.

Off to add a few more hundred words to something or other. Until next time.

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