I’m sorry I neglected you.

So, I wrote a blog post. I wrote two reviews. I kept my “Works” page updated. I got busy. And I forgot to write anything other than reports and stories and poems.

A little more clearheaded, I’m asking: Can we start over?

Yes? Great.

Writing has occupied my nights, and I have some wonderful recent and forthcoming publications to show for it.

I’m particularly excited to see the final execution of An Alphabet of Embers, edited by Rose Lemberg. My piece, “The Swing OR How To Ricochet According to Sylvia Plath”, will appear alongside work from a very talented group of writers.

I have a neat little oddity coming out in August from Lockjaw Magazine, which explores death from the perspective of Schrödinger’s Cat. It was inspired by a science news article about breakthroughs in photon observation.

July has seen a number of my poems put out by Maudlin House and The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, the latter of which also gave me the opportunity to be a Featured Author on their blog. A lot of these poems came from National Poetry Month during 2014 and this year, and I was very pleased they found homes in journals I really enjoy and respect.

Current editing projects include an experimental poetry chapbook, entitled The Ballad of Lucy and Lily, a hybrid piece to send to Synaesthesia for their ATLAS issue, and a major revision to “The Bright Madhouse” to transform it into a true Weird Western tale.

Current writing projects include a number of speculative poems which are close to completion, adding over 1000 words to the second of three stories set in the same world as my yet-to-be-published “The Animals of Wartime, Wyoming”, and plugging away at my novel/ette/la, Miser’s Dream, which has gone back to the drawing board more times than I can count without seeing a completed draft.


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