Issue Review: freeze frame fiction, volume ii

Rather new on the flash scene is freeze frame fiction. Edited by Dino Laserbeam, this quarterly publication recently put it’s first volume up for sale on Amazon, and the contents of volume ii are available for free on the freeze frame fiction website. Both volumes have fantastic artwork from Luke Spooner.

As a first reader for this publication, I feel fortunate to read so many great pieces of flash on a daily basis, and more fortunate that so many pieces I truly love have made it to the first two volumes. Below are just a few favorites to give you a taste of what freeze frame fiction is all about.

  • “Your Elegant Noose” by Ani King – This is a tragic and beautiful tale of depression and suicide. It is a warning. It is a memorial. It is a visceral experience of medication, mentality, and memory. Told in thirteen linked pieces of micro-ficiton, the reader experiences the full tragedy of such a desperate act. In all, this is one of the most stunning pieces of fiction I’ve read all year. Ani King is a pen stealer, notebook hoarder, unreliable knitter, and obsessive reader from Lansing, Michigan.
  • “Digging” by Anna Zumbro – Don’t believe you’ve just read the same tale accidentally posted three times. This unique tale is a single experience told from three different perspectives, all revolving around finding a body. The type of immersion achieved through such a method both grounds the reader in the story while at the same time offering a surreal, vicarious experience. Anna Zumbro‘s work has appeared in Niteblade, Page & Spine, SpeckLit, and elsewhere.
  • “The Great Gildsby” by Soren James – Arguably one of the strangest pieces in this issue, it grabbed me from the playful title all the way to the final line. Here we have the story of age, a grasp for immortality through a truly bizarre cloning device, and the ultimate acceptance of death. It is at once mechanical, humorous, sad, and at times just absurd. In short, it handles its subject matter with the greatest aplomb. Soren James is a visual artist, as well as a writer.

Check these works out, then read the rest of the issue. If you like what you read, consider supporting this fledgling endeavor with a purchase of volume i on Amazon, a Patreon pledge, or a tweet or status update to spread the word. Be looking for volume iii soon, in addition to a special volume of experimental flash fiction for your frenzied mind. You may even want to submit something yourself!

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