Issue Review: Gone Lawn #16

On October 15, Gone Lawn released their sixteenth issue. This was the last issue co-edited by Yarrow Paisley, and I feel fortunate to be included in its Table of Contents. My slipstream piece of time-bending flash fiction, “Darts”, is included along with some other truly excellent, beautiful writing.

I’ve got some early favorites from this issue, including:

  • “Other Ears Look Fine” by Sheldon Lee Compton – This piece is a very poetic piece about a man, Shiver, who hears and understands, to some extent, the language of frogs. It is told as an observation of both Shiver, the frogs, and is linked with the centurion who put the spear in Jesus’ side. It’s a beautifully tragic tale from an author who has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and other awards.
  • “Ending Hunger” by Lâle Davidson – A fascinating work of magical realism revolving around a victim running from the Greek god, Apollo. Some wonderful reflections on roots, blood, and the things that link us to the natural world, both at war an in balance with the sun. The progressive change of language and tone in this piece really reflects Davidson’s esteemed publishing background as well as her career as a speaker and educator.
  • “Insomnia” by Star Spider – A dark horse, this one. A deceptively simple story of a John and Jane, both Doe. There’s a poetic desperation about the search for identity, the quest for sleep, the flux of memory. The language is at once sparse and lyrical, lending itself to the often surreal feelings associated with true insomnia. Nominated for numerous prizes, her work has appeared in ExFix, Black Treacle, Lantern Magazine, and Grim Corps.

I highly recommend reading this and many past issues for a truly wonderful, almost hypnotic experience. You can find Gone Lawn on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.


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